Construction and utility industries require work at heights putting workers at high risk for on-the-job fatalities.
Every year there are more than 700 fatal falls from heights in the U.S. alone. Construction workers are at the greatest risk – more than 7x the rate of fatal falls.  
Currently work at heights is conducted with heavy machinery that is inefficient, complex, and limit maneuverability.
These expensive solutions are dangerous to workers and the environment.


Human Dynamics is safer, cheaper, and cleaner.
Innovative robotics system that enables workers to perform work at heights with their feet safely on the ground.
Customizable solution performs a variety of tasks at heights with modularity, customization, and user-centric design.
Sustainable process that removes heavy machinery from the jobsite reducing the cost, complexity, and carbon footprint of every project.

Intuitive Tele-Operation

Tele-operation provides the operator the ability to perform their task as if they were there. Haptic and augmented control feedback allow workers to complete their work the way they always have, but safely from the ground.
No retraining needed for real-time observation, inspection, new construction, maintenance, or repairs.

Example Use Case: Transmission Tower

High voltage transmission towers serve as a vital infrastructure component. Frequent scheduled and emergency maintenance is required to ensure uninterrupted service. To meet these strict service demands, workers climb up the towers or use helicopters to approach the tower from above. These activities pose a high risk to the workers, creating a potential for injuries or loss of life.
With Human Dynamics, these workers can complete their essential maintenance from the safety of the ground. 

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