Human Dynamics

Human Dynamics


Work-at-heights poses significant risks to both safety and cost. In fact, 600 workers lose their lives by falls every year in the United States. In addition to the inherent risks for the workers, such work requires the use of expensive heavy machinery and/or complex scaffolding.


Human Dynamics provide an innovative robot system that enables workers to perform their construction and maintenance activities from a safer location, such as the ground. Our product system (patent pending) consists of three united elements: a drone, a customizable manipulator equipped with tele-existence, and gripper supports to anchor the system to a structure while the task is performed.

Tele-Existence (Impedance Control)

Tele-existence is an intuitive technology that enables the manipulator to accept input directly from the human hand (and receive feedback) in real-time, creating a digital twin relationship through robotics.  Augmented reality headsets also allow the operator to visualize the task “at-hand” and enable real-time observation, inspection, and even repair functionality.

Use Case for Utilities

Steel transmission towers serve as a significant infrastructure component in the delivery of the world’s energy supply.  Maintenance is required to ensure uninterrupted service to the end-users, and to meet these demands, many workers are needed to climb up the tall steel towers to perform both required and preventative maintenance. These activities pose a high risk to the workers, creating a potential for injuries or loss of life. However, such maintenance is critical to the lifespan and investment made for each tower.

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